Line Clearing A Great Success

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our Transmission Line Clearing Division on a job well
done. We not only completed the project on time but with no reported injuries as well.

We started the project at the start of the 2015 year clearing a total 150 feet of right of way for a local power company. This project was located in the Clinton area and extended 8.5 miles across wooded and farming areas.

Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care is sensitive to the needs of the power companies as well as the needs of property owners near the power infrastructure. It was very important at we cleared all vegetation within the right of way before the farmers started planting. With the hard work of all our line clearing crew members this was a total success. The harsh winter weather of cold, snow, and wind created a challenge both to the safety of our crew and the speed at which we could finish. However, thanks to our dedicated staff and focus on safe and efficient processes, we were able to complete the project on time and with no injuries.

Our success followed the processes put into place by our office personnel and the execution of these processes by our crews. We combine experience, knowledge, and safety every step of the way. Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care has nearly 70 years of experience in the area doing business with residents and commercial operations alike. We have two certified arborists on staff that have a rich knowledge of local environmental issues and concerns, greatly increasing the likelihood of our success. Lastly, our Transmission Line Clearing Division perform all tasks safely thanks to mindful training and hard work.

Most importantly, if you remember one thing I have to say, it’s this: Great Job!

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