Line Clearing

Our line clearing division at Fitzwater Tree and Lawn Care works closely with local and regional power companies to conduct routine maintenance of trees surrounding power lines. All of our employees are certified through the Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP). We have a large commercial fleet dedicated to line clearing with updated equipment and safety standards.

The Safest Line Clearing

We are sensitive to your needs, which include keeping the public safe while power supply remains reliable. Most issues caused by trees can be prevented with our routine line clearing program. Common issues caused by a lack of attention to your line clearing needs include:

  • Public safety from falling limbs
  • Safety for local or contracted power line workers
  • Tree contact with high voltage
  • Power line fire safety
  • Reduction of power outages
  • Weather related damage

We have a long history of working with high and low voltage power lines and take the safety requirements needed for these specialized tasks seriously. Regular equipment maintenance, certifications, and continuing employee safety training is a must for any line clearance tree contractor.